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Be proud with purpose.  Join us as we celebrate pride month.

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When it comes to championing a particular cause, movement or initiative, there’s a fine line between genuine support and jumping on the marketing bandwagon.

It’s more than paying lip service. People want to see actions and impact. Pride month is the best example of this.

As June 1st hits, rainbow colours meander their way through brand logos, social media banners and even physical products, as the world unites to support and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. While rainbows help raise awareness, the stand-out brands are those that use their platforms to make an impact, helping to improve attitudes and encourage inclusiveness.

We’ve foraged through the best Pride Month campaigns of 2022 to bring you the ones that really pack the punch with added purpose.  

Feel Heard by Ugg

This campaign is thoroughly stand-out. It’s multi-channel approach elevates the brand above many of its competitors to truly reflect its support and passion for Pride Month. From its striking Pride collection to its partnership with activist, Alok, right through to donating £50k to UK charity Switchboard. It demonstrates how marketing, product design, brand ethos and CSR should work collaboratively to successfully and effectively, demonstrate what the brand stands for.

The A-Z of Awesome by Lego

Lego’s campaigns are always stunning, but this year’s Pride Month campaign takes it to another level. The A-Z of Awesome by Lego is designed to celebrate LGBTQIA+ families. Through a series of beautiful, thought-provoking, interview-led videos, Lego tells the story of individuals from the community; asking each to build Lego creations that represent their true stories. It gives real people a voice and a chance to share their experiences on a global stage.

Spread the Love by Fairy and Ariel

British household brands Fairy and Ariel commissioned research to understand the extent of isolation in the LGBTQIA+ community. Research revealed that 63% of people felt a lack of kindness after coming out. Determined tackle this and to help make people feel safe and accepted in their own homes, they launched the Spread the Love campaign. Collaborating with LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness charity akt, they released limited edition Pride product packaging, with proceeds going straight to the cause, in addition to donating a separate £70k. akt is a lifeline for young people who face loneliness and the threat of homelessness, and through funding and awareness driving, the two P&G brands have helped support 148 online group sessions and 1,800 young people needing vital support.

Swansea Pride Pledge

We pledge our business will be a safe, welcoming, and friendly place for LGBTQ+ clients and staff. We are also working with clients to embed this messaging into their individual businesses, helping to make the places we visit and the communities we are part of as inclusive as possible.

At reTHINK, we have joined the Swansea Pride Pledge, where we commit to being allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

PR and Marketing is a powerful tool in driving change and making a difference, and we’re proud to be part of that function.