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How Aldi is winning at social media… and we can’t get enough!

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When you think about the brands that have a strong social media presence, and that use humour and pop culture references to expand their audiences, you wouldn’t necessarily think a supermarket would be top of the game…

However, global discount supermarket chain Aldi are getting even sharper with their social media, if that was even possible following the (literal) trials of Cuthbert the Caterpillar …

This titan of social media has shaken up a storm with its sarcastic tone of voice which appeals to the younger generation, and its unrivalled ability to jump on trends as soon as they surface (even Molly Mae would marvel at how much they get done in 24 hours).

One of their most recent points of reference for their Twitter content includes popular dating show Love Island, where they use out-of-context moments from the show to capture the essence of their brand and poke fun at controversies surrounding their products.

This relatable quality is gold dust, and it’s what makes them so successful in their online content, which is so heavily centred around humour and wit. Trends are fast circulating, and if brands jump on a trend too late, it can seem inauthentic and sloppy. Aldi knows exactly what they’re doing, and it seems they’ve found the recipe for success on social media.

With their finger very much on the pulse, and the fact that they take risks with their socials by not taking themselves too seriously, it seems they’ve tapped into a huge market, bringing in consumers and shoppers to the conversation. It’s not much different to Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls, with her infamous quote, “I’m not like a regular mom… I’m a cool mom.” This rings true to Aldi’s social media, as you wouldn’t catch its competitors taking the risks they boldly take.

In summary, we love what Aldi’s social tone of voice and clever social strategy, no one’s doing it quite like them. They put the ‘social’ in social media. They know the importance of engaging and interacting with the digital community. The sparks of wit and brilliant Gen Z humour really proves that they aren’t just a regular supermarket… they’re a cool supermarket.

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