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The brands that created a Jubilee campaign fit for a Queen!

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The nation’s heart collectively melted this week when everyone’s favourite marmalade-mad bear enjoyed a royal spot of tea with the Queen in one of the Jubilee’s most memorable moments.

It really was the heart-warming moment none of us knew we needed, but when Paddington Bear and the Queen sat down for a cup of tea and a sneaky marmalade sandwich it was pure genius.

Not only was it the perfect way to kick off the weekend’s Platinum Party at the Palace concert, but it was an incredibly authentic and intelligent PR move from the royal communications team.

The short film brought together two of Britain’s most unmistakable icons for the sketch, with the piece appealing to both young and old audiences – and let’s face it everyone loves Paddington Bear! (although Daniel Craig is a very close second)

Its simplicity from the two sharing their love of a marmalade sandwich, right through to the cup clinking introduction to Queen’s We Will Rock You, were just perfect.

But this wasn’t the only genius Jubilee PR move this week, here’s a few brands who created a campaign fit for a Queen.  

The Times/The Sunday Times

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – and in the case of The Times and The Sunday Times it certainly did this week!

The newspapers launched a special Jubilee poster pull out, a 20-page supplement and an ad campaign featuring images of the Queen posing with versions of her younger self throughout her reign.

The encapsulating images, created by The&Partnership, included one of the Queen shaking hands with her newly crowned younger self, and images of the Queen stood on the balcony at Buckingham Palace over the years.

This campaign was highly effective due to its simplicity, it is instantly engaging, immediately accessible, and underlines the Queen’s lengthy reign without writing a word!

Not only do these images prove to be effective in print, but they also work incredibly well across social media and online.


Love it or hate it – you can’t argue with Marmite’s witty word play which perfectly marked the Platinum Jubilee.

Resurrecting an idea from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the brand released a limited-edition Union Jack jar with its name changed to Ma’amite.

The genius word play, which reflects the official way in which the Queen is often greeted, was the perfect nod to Her Majesty. The move also underlined the brand’s own lengthy history which is symbolic with growing up in Britain.

Kingsmill bread also gets a notable mention for its Queensmill loaves! And HP sauce and Salad Cream can also take a bow for their HM sauce and Salad Queen name changes respectively.


McDonald’s created a royal rendition of its iconic jingle ahead of the Jubilee with its slogan also getting a Queen-size makeover.

The fast-food giant enlisted the help of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to record a special performance of the brand’s I’m Lovin it jingle, with its slogan changed to One’s Lovin It.

As if this wasn’t brilliant enough, the brand also temporarily changed its Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger to the Royale with Cheese – simple, on brand, and slightly mouth-watering marketing.

Both aspects of this campaign are so brilliantly executed and appeal to the brand’s vast global audience in the most effective and simple way. Not only that, the reworking of the jingle makes this a more sensory and inclusive campaign, and highlights how instantly recognisable its jingle truly is.

Here’s hoping the Queen had time to tuck into a Royale with Cheese once she’d finished her marmalade sandwiches!

Photo Credit:BBC