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The importance of hyperlocal marketing

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When first looking into a marketing strategy for your business, you might want to utilise every type of marketing channel available to you.

From social media to traditional marketing, digital solutions, and more, the marketing landscape is constantly evolving. However, not all types of marketing work for every type of business or sector.

Depending on the size and scale of your business or organisation, certain marketing approaches will be more beneficial than others.

For example, larger organisations may have a bigger budget that can utilise methods to reach a wider audience as required. Whereas for small to medium businesses, which are often more community-driven, hyperlocal advertising can be a practical and affordable solution to directly target their prospective customer base. 

What is hyperlocal marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing focuses on targeting a highly specific geographical area to directly reach potential customers or clients. By streamlining your advertising area, this will help to concentrate your efforts, increasing the likelihood of meeting the fundamental marketing “rule of seven”. The rule of seven is a concept that estimates consumers need to see a message at least seven times before taking action or becoming a customer.

So how can you tap into the hyperlocal?

Local community magazines

One of the greatest benefits of hyperlocal advertising is being able to choose your audience. Larger organisations have the luxury of time and budget to be able to test marketing solutions with a broader scope, but smaller businesses need to be more efficient.

By using tools such as local community magazines, you can narrow your reach right down to specific postcode areas, or audience attributes. Local magazines also often have a longstanding loyal readership who rely on the publication for news or recommendations, who put their trust into the businesses advertised.

Social media

Another way to build trust amongst your prospective customers, is to raise your online presence, and one way to do this hyper locally is through social media.

Organic social media posts can reach your local audience, especially if you share into local community groups, but by boosting your posts, or investing in paid social media advertising, you can target even more specifically down to job role, place of work/residence, political views, and more.

Paid ads also allow you to retarget your audiences, to expose them to your ad several times, increasing the chances that your prospective customer will see and trust your brand.  

SEO and reviews

Understanding your audience is key when it comes to using SEO across your website and Google Business Profile to attract potential customers by incorporating keywords and search terms they’ll likely use.

Often, keywords will be accompanied by a place name so it’s essential that your website, and Google Business Profile are up to date with keywords and location-specific terms woven into your content.

Another huge local ranking factor is reviews, so it’s important to encourage frequent and authentic reviews across Google or another review platform. As well as boosting your ranking factors, this will also improve your reputation and trust amongst your local target audience.

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